Frequently Asked Questions for Freelancers

Would you like to earn more income? If so, gives you the ability to do this, along with the unique freedom to choose how much, how often and where in the world you want to work. All you need is a marketable skill, the ability to communicate well and a laptop/computer with an internet connection.

Traditional independent consultants spend much of their time non-productively hounding customers for payment and fretting over customers that won't pay. On, however, we guarantee your payment! This leaves you free to concentrate on more productive things, like growing your business and making more money.

Right now, there are thousands of open opportunities, in dozens of job categories. To start bidding, just complete your free registration and you can start today. Unlike competing sites, doesn't charge you a signup of subscription fee. So it costs you nothing to give it a try!

To sign up on and create your account:

1. Click on the Signup button at the top right of FreelanceTarget website.

2. In sign up page fill in required fields to create your account and select  "User Type: I Want to Work ". Note that you can also signup using your preferred social network as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. In this case your account informations will be filled automatically and you will receive a disposal password in your mailbox. Keep this in a secret place because you will need it to make future changes to your account and to make transactions.
Note that if you choose to signup using your preferred social network you will be registered both as Freelancer and Employer too. You will be able to change this option later on updating your personal account.

Congratulations, you have now joined FreelanceTarget network! Next you will need to setup and customize your online profile. To do this please follow these steps:

1. Login here

2. Once logged in click on "My Account" on the main menu of every page.

3. Then click "My Account" to manage your account and "Update Profile" to update your public profile. Complete your public profile uploading your avatar photo, create a tagline, create your freelancer description and, most important, enter in your skills! ;-)

After you have created your profile as freelancer, you can start submitting proposals for jobs. You can find and evaluate jobs browsing FreelanceTarget or by receiving email alerts for projects matching your skills and invitations from potential employers.

To browse jobs:

1. Click 'Projects' on the top navigation bar.

2. Then You can browse jobs by a number of different criteria:

- Latest projects

- Featured projects

- Projects ending soon

- Low bid projects

- Browse projects by category

- My skills projects

3. Once you find something interesting, click on the job title to view its description.

4. For additional informations about the employer who posted the job, click on his/her picture or username.

In addition to actively browsing FreelanceTarget for jobs, you can also search for jobs in your categories of interest and receive daily emailnotifications.

If the employer selects your proposal and award you for the job, the following will occur:

1. You will receive an email notification informing you that you have been selected! ;-)

2. Once logged in Freelancetarget you will find a notification informing you about the proposal received.

3. Now if you check the Project description page you will find Accept and Decline buttons.

Remember, You must then accept the job proposal on FreelanceTarget before the job can begin!

To accept the job you have two options:

1. Click the Accept link on the Notification received.

2. Click on the Accept button in the project description..

To decline a job you have two options:

1. Click the link reject award on the Notification received.

2. Click on the Reject button in the project description page.

Communication is essential, we suggest to use our internal messaging system to communicate with your employer. Remember to report from your DASHBOARD when a work is completed and eventually ask to release payments..
At, employers are likely to propose you short or long term projects as well as job offers. You decide on your rates and fees for short and long term collaborations. The kind of jobs proposed may vary and they are catalogued in categories for your convenience. All the world countries are represented on our website. There are no restrictions for registrations on
Jobs remain online as long as the selection process is open. Employers specify an expiration date when posting a new project. There is also the opportunity for them to extend the expiration date if they don't find the right freelancer for their job. Anyway you can check the expiration date in the project details page just over the bidding list.
Our services are completely FREE for freelancers. Some small fees to cover the phisical costs may apply for money transactions and for membership plans (optionals). We hate hidden costs so here is a simple and complete pricing table with the complete list of costs! ;-)
Really simple, just Login then click on the Membership menu and choose the level option that you prefer.
Log in your account then click on the "Account Settings" menu and then click in the "Notifications" tab to change your settings.
To ask employer a question about his project, you may start a conversation with him by clicking on his username or avatar. Then in his public profile click on the "start conversation" button.
To keep you informed about new projects as they come online, you have several options.

- Receive "Project Match" alerts whenever new project are posted. You can define the criteria by which we send you these alerts via "Update Profile" skills settings.
- Subscribe to our RSS feed containing newly posted projects.
- Monitor "My Skills Projects" at your convenience.
- Browse or search our project directory at your convenience.
When a project has been awarded to you, you will receive a self explaining email and a notification.
A membership is your way to benefit from using FreelancerTarget. You can be a Free member or get additional benefits by upgrading to our Basic, Premium, Pro or Top membership plan starting from $2.99USD! These benefits help increase your earning opportunities! View the complete list of benefits by membership type
Yes. You may edit your bid on any open project. Just login and go to the project page anc click on the "revise bid" button.
No sorry, once the project has been awarded is not possible to revise the terms of the bidding. In any case we suggest you to contact your employer and to try to solve the problem together.
You may deliver a project by any method agreed upon by you and the Employer. Depending on the project type, options may include upload to the Employer's hosting account, email, and more. Usually a great way to deliver files is to upload them in cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive then share the links with your Employer in our Messaging System. You may, of course, use the upload box to deliver individual files as well.
Your bid limit is the number of bids you can use each month to bid for work on Your exact bid limit depends on your membership type:

BASIC Members get 20 bids per month.
PREMIUM Members get 100 bids per month.
PRO Members get 200 bids per month.
TOP Members get 1000 bids per month.

Additionally, your bids are also replenished every month, according to your membership.
Once the Employer will release a payment you will instantly receive it in your account. From FreelanceTarget you have the opportunity to withdraw your money directly into your Paypal account. (We are anyway working to implement other withdraw gateways in the near future.)
No, it is highly advisable to transact using FreelanceTarget. In this way you can use our Payment Protection System and Disputes Resolution System