Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

How would you like to plow through your excess workload, staff up instantaneously, or get a hand with personal chores...and do it faster, better and cheaper than with traditional help?

Just post your project here and it will be distributed to thousands workers around the world, who will eagerly bid to complete your project. The results are amazingly quick: within 24 hours you will receive a lot of bids. You can find the best worker by reviewing each bidder's responses, resume, portfolios and previous work history (including comments and ratings left by previous employers).

Once you find a worker that you like, you can hire them on the spot. Unlike traditional workers, your virtual worker's work is guaranteed. Unlike some of our competitors we don't charge you a posting fee or finder's fees.

So you can try it completely for free and without any obligation. Just click "Post newy project" and give it a try!

To sign up on and create your account:

1. Click on the Signup button at the top right of FreelanceTarget website.

2. In sign up page fill in required fields to create your account and select  "User Type: I Want to Hire ". Note that you can also signup using your preferred social network as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. In this case your account informations will be filled automatically and you will receive a disposal password in your mailbox. Keep this in a secret place because you will need it to make future changes to your account and to make transactions.
Note that if you choose to signup using your preferred social network you will be registered both as Employer and Freelancer too. You will be able to change this option later on updating your personal account if not needed.

Congratulations, you have now joined FreelanceTarget network! Next you will need to setup and customize your online profile. To do this please follow these steps:

1. Login here

2. Once logged in click on "My Account" on the main menu of every page.

3. Then click "Account Settings" to manage your account and "Edit My Profile" to update your public profile. Complete your public profile uploading your avatar photo, create a tagline and create your employer description.

To post a new project (job) on FreelanceTarget you must be registered as "Here to Hire" (Employer). Once you are registered go in you Dashboard and click on "POST A NEW PROJECT" in the upper right corner.

1. Enter a title for your project. Remember that a concise, precise and specific job title will help attract qualified freelancers.

2. Select the category that best describe your job and the skill set you would like your contractor to have.

3. Select a Fixed price or Hourly job. Fixed price projects are best when you have well-defined scope and structure for the work. If the job scope is less certain and you would like to work with your freelancer on a more flexible basis, then choose the hourly option. Hourly projects are Work Diary enabled. Work Diary is a safe and efficient way to pay for hourly work online. You will also be asked to select your budget, in this case how many work hours you intend to pay per week. You will have the option to choose from a set of predefined budget ranges or you can create your own custom range (Part-Time)

4. Due date (applicable only to Fixed-Projects) is basically the delivery date in which your job will be completed and given to you.

5. Minimum Budget and Maximum Budget (applicable only to Fixed-Projects) are self-explanatory. They represent your own custom range of money you intend to pay for this job.

6. Enter here a complete description of the work. Remember that quality applicants look for detailed descriptions!

7. Attacments to the project can be uploaded once the project is saved and created.

8. "Featured", "Private" and "On-Top", The first option give you the opportunity to mark your project as Featured and to obtain a great visibility. If you select "Private", bidders will not be able to see the bids of other freelancers, you will be the only one to see all the details. This is great to keep the price low separating the offers and make them not interfering one each other. "On-Top" is the most important of the options, you project will be flagged as "On-Top" and it will appear on top of every project list, this offer the maximum of visibility to freelancers. You can choose all the 3 options if needed!

Below are the types of project types that are not allowed on FreelanceTarget.  If you cannot abide by the site posting policy, then please do not place projects on this site. Violators of the site project posting policy may be warned or have their accounts banned, depending on the severity of the offense. While we attempt to catch all violations, it is impossible to catch every one of them.  So if you see a violation we greatly appreciate it if you can help the site by reporting it.

Please note that we reserve the right to disallow posting of projects that fall into new disallowed categories that not yet on this list.

Disallowed Programs (typically only applicable to software related projects):

  • Spam (e)Mailer/ Spamming program

    Any programs used to send or post unsolicited messages are not allowed. This includes (but is not limited to) email spammers, chat room spammers, bulk messenger spammers, blog spammers and bulletin board spammers.

  • Spam Harvester

    Any program used to gather mass # of email addresses, fax #s, physical address, IM addresses, etc. from web sites, newsgroups or other public information sources.

  • Scumware/malware/stealthware

    Any programs that hide on the user's machine without their knowledge are not allowed. Typical products of this kind secretly monitor actions and report them to a central server, or pop up intrusive ads over a web browser (or at any time).

  • Virus

    Any program that infects machines and can spread from machine to machine are not allowed. This range from just taking up space (harmless) to deleting files and wiping out computer systems (dangerous). Persons requesting virus project will be reported to the proper law enforcement authorities.

  • Trojan:

    Any program that disguises itself as something else (it may act like a game or other program), but underneath it is really a virus, key-logger, or other similar sort of program, is not allowed.  Persons requesting a trojan will be reported to the proper law enforcement authorities.

  • Key-logger:

    Any program that logs keystrokes that the user is typing without their knowledge is not allowed.  These can be used to steal a person's password or other private information and usually form the basis for one of the other types of 'bad' programs.

  • Cracker:

    Any program that tries different combinations of letters and #s (or other algorithm) to "crack" a password is not allowed. Additionally, any program that attempts to break any copyright protection is against the Digital Millennium copyright Act and not allowed

  • Exploit/Hack:

    Any project that encourages discovery or use of an exploit or hack to gain unauthorized access to another system is against United States law and not allowed.

  • Proxy abusers:

    Programs that attempt to cloak their true identities using proxies and attempt to fool another site or program into thinking that the program's outputs (HTTP, Chat, IM, etc.) are coming from multiple real legitimate users, when in fact they actually come from a single user.

  • Clones of this site:

    We realize imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but this type of flattery is not allowed.  This includes clones of sites that are competitors, or work on a service that would be a competitor.

  • Postings Requiring Terms of Service (TOS) Violations of Other Sites:

    Any project which requires violating the TOS of another site is not allowed. For example, Google does not allow submitting automated queries of any kind to it's search engine in their terms of service. So any project asking to automate Google searches is not allowed. FreelanceTarget can't presume to know the TOS conditions of all sites on the Internet, so if you are a site owner and see a project violating your TOS, then please send a link to your TOS along with the project URL so it can be removed.

  • Final grade projects.:

    Any project which would determine a final grade in an academic class (high school or university) is not allowed. This includes test taking, quiz taking, and the writing of final and thesis papers. However, research assistance for use by a student on such papers, as well as tutoring for both classes and homework is allowed.

  • Certain types of adult material:

    Any project involving pornographic material that is either non-consensual or involving minors is not allowed. Projects involving other types of adult material are allowed. However, to protect site users who may be offended, these other types of projects must be preceded with the following: "WARNING: This posting involves adult/pornographic material. If you are offended by such material then please STOP and DO NOT CONTINUE READING."

  • Non specific projects:

    Any project that isn't specific as to what it is asking for. This includes (but of course is not limited to):

    • Projects that say essentially "I will buy any software that you've created",

    • *Projects that are so vague or open-ended that a worker cannot place a legitimate or accurate bid on them

    • *Projects that do not establish concrete enough goals and/or cannot be arbitrated on, if a dispute arose

    These projects can frustrate workers who may find it difficult or impossible to bid, and may also expose one or more of the parties involved (yourself, the worker and/or us) to a liability problem should arbitration be required, as there would be no way to compare what was actually asked for with what was delivered.

Disallowed Other

  • Services for disallowed programs:

    If something is disallowed above under “disallowed programs”, then it also cannot be done as a manual service (rather than a program). As an example, you cannot create an email spamming program. It is also not allowed to hire someone to manually mail people spam emails.

  • Asking for work in advance from all workers before escrowing any funds to a "chosen" worker

    This is not allowed as it does not guarantee that all workers who do the work will be paid.  (In a logo design situation, mockups of the final logo are not allowed, because that is essentially asking for the work in advance. However, asking for a watermarked, low resolution mockup is allowed.)

  • Non work related

    Any non project specific related project, such as just attempting to contact someone, test bids, etc.

  • Profit Sharing "Opportunities" and Pro-Bono work

    FreelanceTarget is a marketplace, not a discussion board. Projects that do not include monetary compensation are not allowed. 

  • Copyright and other legal violations

    Any project that violates copyright or other law is not allowed.  This includes posting a project asking a worker to "Please send me the code for the project you just did for person XYZ".  This is a violation of the copyright the original employer purchased and is not allowed.

  • *Postings in non-English

    While we have plans to expand FreelanceTarget to other languages in the future, we currently do not have the expertise to be able to handle disputes and arbitrations over projects in non-English languages. For this reason, only English projects are currently allowed.

  • *Postings that link to an offsite requirements document

    These types of postings are not allowed in case a dispute arises and FreelanceTarget must interpret the contract. Allowing them would allow the contract to potentially be accidently deleted or to be changed without the full knowledge of the other party. For these reasons, it is not allowed.

  • Quick questions/ quick advice

    FreelanceTarget hosts auctions that involve bidding, escrowing of funds while the work is completed and then later acceptance of the deliverables by the employer. Since quick questions/ quick advice don't work that way, and do not allow us to receive any compensation, they are not allowed to be posted as normal auctions. However they can be posted as a testing project for a small charge to the Employer.

  • Inappropriate content

    Any content which FreelanceTarget deems inappropriate (including unprofessional or racist language) is not allowed. Additionally, posting personally identifiable information about a 3rd party (for example, name, email address, phone #, etc.) or FreelanceTarget without their permission is not allowed.

  • *Unarbitratable (misc.)

    Any project which is unarbitratable (for example, when is not possible to trace communications between members).
Optionally, you can solicit bids from freelancers by browsing their profiles and requesting proposals for your job. Note: It is not required that you request proposals from contractors; you can also post a job for open bidding as outlined in the previous section.

To browse freelancers profiles:
1. On homepage, click "Freelancers" in the top navigation menu.
2. You can filter the listing results using the options in the top navigation bar. Click on the dropdown and select the category or optionally the skill related to the freelancers you are looking for.
You can easily send requests to FreelanceTarget freelancers to submit proposals for your job, either from search results or from their individual profiles.

You can invite a contractor by clicking on the "Invite me" button. If you already have active postings, you will see a messaging window, choose from the menu listing one of your jobs that are open for bidding and send the invitation.
Contractors will then receive an email invitation and a notification to submit their proposal for your job.
With a traditional contractor, you often have to make a risky advance payment to get them to begin work. Unfortunately, this can result in you losing some of all of your money and precious time too.

On FreelanceTarget, you do not pay the worker directly. Instead you escrow the amount via PayPal with FreelanceTarget. Only after the contract is fulfilled and you approve the final result or the workdiary, the escrowed funds are released to the worker. If the virtual worker fails to deliver, you can immediately place the project into arbitration opening a dispute, where we verify your money-back guarantee preconditions and refund your money. Anyway disputes are usually the very last option we always suggest to communicate with the other part to solve the problems together.
In fixed price projects you pay the freelancer for the final deliverables. In hourly projects you pay the worker for the hours they've worked.
FreelanceTarget strongly believes in only being paid if you are successful. There are no posting fees, activation fees, or subscription fees charged to you as an employer (unlike many competitors).
If you do find a good worker and ultimately release funds then we charge a percent of those funds (called the FreelanceTarget fee).
You may also find some minor costs related to common operations like withdraws or other transactions, these small fees will cover just the phisical costs of the operations.
We hate hidden costs so here is a simple and complete pricing table with the complete list of costs! ;-)
Featured Projects incur a one time fee of $5.00 USD. Featured Projects attract more, higher quality bids. They appear prominently on our homepage. These types of project appear with the   FEATURED graphic appearing next to the title of the project.
You can hide all bids for a one time fee of $10.00 USD. Private Bidding may lead to lower bids for your project!
These types of project appear with the     PRIVATE   graphic appearing next to the title of the project.
You can have your project on top of every listing for a one time fee of $25.00 USD. On Top may have a great visibility and attracts more bids and freelancer!
These types of project appear with the     ON TOP   graphic appearing next to the title of the project.
Your Freelancer may deliver a project by any method agreed with you. Depending on the project type, options may include upload to your hosting account, email, and more. Usually a great way to deliver files is to upload them in cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive then share the links with you in our Messaging System. Freelancer may, of course, use the upload box to send you individual files as well.
Communication is essential, we suggest to use our internal messaging system to communicate with your freelancer. Remember to release payments when a work is completed.
Log in your account then click on the "Account Settings" menu and then click in the "Notifications" tab to change your settings.
To ask freelancer a question about his bid, you may start a conversation with him by clicking on his username or avatar. Then in his public profile click on the "start conversation" button.
To keep you informed about new bids as they come online, you will receive emails and notifications on the fly.
Yes. You may edit your project till you receive the first bid. Just login and go to the project page anc click on the "edit project" button.
No, it is highly advisable to transact using FreelanceTarget. In this way you can use our Payment Protection System and Disputes Resolution System